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Registered Veterinary Technician Featured

  2022-01-21     Westside Animal Hospital     411 Laurel St     Depending on experience hour  

Veterinary Technician Job Duties/Description

Are you looking for a change?   We are one of the few privately owned hospitals left in Santa Cruz, you can really tell by working at Westside AH that we have a much more relaxed environment then most corporate owned hospitals.

What we are looking for:

Westside Animal Hospital is a 3 doctor, small animal practice that is seeking an RVT or an experience vet tech with in-field experience. Our ideal candidate will be someone that has excellent customer service skills, the ability to work in a team of Technicians, and be able to take direction and be flexible with learning new techniques.

The position that we are offering is full time (or part time), with shifts Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm, during COVID times. Eventually, we will go back to normal business hours including Saturday hours.

For a good idea of who we are as a hospital, please refer to our yelp reviews and our website

Patient Care:

  1. Obtain patient vitals and history as they are checked in. Report health concerns to attending veterinarian.
  2. Administer animal vaccinations, tests, medications and treatments as directed.
  3. Skilled in IVC placement, venipuncture, anesthetic instruction and monitoring, bandage placement.
  4. Critical and general nursing care.
  5. Provide excellent patient care.
  6. Assist veterinarians in surgery as needed.
  7. Maintain all necessary drug logs and patient records.
  8. Stay current in knowledge of emergency drugs and protocol.
  9. Assisting and performing Dental cleanings and extractions.
  10. Restraining animals for treatment or for radiographs.
  11. Other duties as assigned.

***We are especially looking for a Technician that can perform dental cleanings and can take dental x-rays with precision and skill. ***

Client Care:

  1. Capable of providing the best possible care to our clients.
  2. Being able to discuss the medical needs of the patient to their owners.
  3. Comfortable communicating with clients via phone or in person and being able to handle upset or disgruntled clients.


  1. Always represent the clinic in a professional and courteous manner. Provide excellent quality service to clients, volunteers, and staff, recognizing their individual contributions to the success of our organization.
  2. The ability to multitask and follow instruction.
  3. Must have enthusiasm and compassion for working with animals.
  4. Great work ethic and punctuality

Please include multiple references with your resume.

Note about COVID and our hospital:

We take COVID very seriously at our hospital, we are currently providing curbside care to our clients and only staff members are allowed in the hospital. When employees are in the hospital they must wear a mask 100% of the time. We are a small hospital, so at times it is hard to socially distance, but we do our best by bleaching everything 3 times a day to kill any germs. If any staff members feels sick or is sick they will be asked to stay home and get tested for COVID and will not be able to return until they are cleared. If a staff member has been knowingly exposed to COVID they MUST tell management as soon as they find out and stay home until cleared.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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