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Property Manager

  2024-04-08     Ocean Forest HOA     500 Glenwood Cir, Monterey, CA     $66,560 year  



The HOA property manager acts as the first point of contact for all HOA residents and vendors in order to manage and maintain the Ocean Forest condo complex grounds and general operations. The HOA property manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Ocean Forest Home Owners Association (HOA), which typically includes supervising the work of  HOA employees, managing the community's finances, enforcing rules and regulations, and addressing resident concerns. They closely work with the HOA Board of Directors to create and implement policies, manage maintenance and repairs, and organize events. This includes, but is not limited to, day to day interaction with residents and answering any questions or requests they may have, processing all documents relating to HOA business, and management of ongoing projects relating to the maintenance and operation of the complex. The manager is also expected to maintain and update HOA financial records, monitor the property for any violations, including parking, as well as working with vendors to complete any necessary repairs and/or projects required on the property.  Additionally, the manager is responsible for working with the HOA Board of Directors to handle any community issues, generate an annual budget, and ensure that the HOA is in compliance with all laws and ordnances.

PAY                                       $66,560 annual salary 

JOB TYPE                              Full-Time

SHIFT/SCHEDULE               8 Hour Shift M-F (on call 24h/7)

WORK SETTING                  In-person 

WORK LOCATION              On site HOA office at 500 Glenwood Circle Monterey CA 93940           

BENEFITS                             Paid time off

JOB REQUIREMENTS         General property management experience required, with HOA management skills preferred

                                               Excellent organization, communication and interpersonal skills

                                               Ability to work effectively with others

                                               Positive attitude & willingness to learn

                                               Experience in construction a plus

                                               Microsoft Office Excel & Word (Required)


  • Present all needed projects, disciplinary actions, repairs, and upgrades to the complex to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Make regular recommendations for maintenance, upkeep and improvements to the Associations facilities, and distribute work orders accordingly. 
  • Maintain HOA owner and tenant database, as well as all of the Association records and files.
  • Address the concerns of owners and tenants in an amicable manner, and generate written responses to residents` requests.
  • Answer all HOA-related queries and correspondence (by phone, email, letter etc).
  • Handle resident issues regarding dues, rules and regulations for the HOA (CC&R`s).
  • Prepare a monthly Manager`s Report to the Board.
  • Prepare and deliver Board meeting packets in a timely fashion as stated in the Association Bylaws (the “Bylaws”) and attend monthly or special Board meetings, and the annual member meetings.
  • Deliver to members all required notices, including such key mailings as the Annual Disclosure packets. 
  • Be familiar with Civil Code disclosure requirements and deadlines, advise the Board about any changes in laws or regulations concerning common interest developments, and generally be up-to-date concerning other legal requirements.
  • Recommend any changes to rules or processes employed by the HOA to bring them into line with new laws/ordinances enacted or help improve the operation of the complex.
  • Oversee and facilitate Board annual election process and deliver to members the various election notices required per Davis Sterling civic code.
  • Solicits bids for products and services as requested by the Board. Prepares bid evaluation packages for review and source selection by the Board.
  • Enforce HOA`s House and Parking Rules as directed by the Board. Document any violations of the CC&R`s or house rules for possible disciplinary action by the board. Work with residents to correct any violations of the CC&R`s and/or house rules.
  • Preparation and dissemination of the Quarterly Newsletter to condominium owners.
  • Maintain communication with and advise the President regarding relevant correspondence, newsletters and other matters.
  • Establish a reasonable schedule, in consultation with the Board, to oversee the common areas and grounds, do on-site inspections on a regular basis, and generally make sure all areas are clean and neat in accordance with house rules.
  • Maintain the Association office and maintain regular business hours at the office in consultation with the Board. 
  • Assist the Board and accountant for the Association as necessary in: a) keeping the financial records up-to-date; b) generating the annual budget; c) the annual audit; d) calculate and process payroll; and e) all other financial matters concerning the Association needed for financial review or tax purposes 
  • Review and process all HOA`s invoices and authorize them for payment for services rendered to the HOA. Ensure that all payments are properly coded withing General Ledger code by category
  • Work with book-keeper to handle HOA demands and documentation certification when a unit goes to sale.
  • Review contracts to which the Association is or will become a party, and advise the Board on such contracts.
  • Follow HOA`s procedure for regular and emergency repairs, and submit report in writing to the Board.
  • On call 24/7 to manage emergency issues regarding the complex (flooding, fire, crime, etc). Respond to/inspect any emergency issues and determine if HOA bears responsibility for repairs or homeowner. Coordinate with residents to schedule vendors to complete repairs inside any unit that fall under the HOA`s responsibility
  • Supervise and coordinate work of employees of the Association performing maintenance and repair work within the facilities. Manage staff concerns/issues including workman`s comp, as well as conduct regular performance evaluations and otherwise to comply with all California and federal labor codes, rules and regulations. The Manager may not terminate the employment of any employee of the Association without the consent of the Board.
  • Inspect, evaluate, and determine the need for maintenance, repair, modification, or replacement of general/utility structures, grounds and related equipment that are the property or within the scope of responsibility of the Association.
  • Takes and records pressure gauge readings in boiler rooms on daily basis. 
  • Develops and implements a preventative maintenance program for all structures and utility components that are the property or within the scope of responsibility of the Association, as may be directed by the Board.
  • Develops and implements a fire and safety program for the Ocean Forest condominium complex.
  • Manages construction and repair projects within the scope authorized by the Board. Supervises the progress, quality, and safety of contracted work. Coordinates activities of contractors, and provides access to facilities and equipment as needed. Interact with any/all vendors to ensure services under the responsibility of the HOA are not interrupted
  • Keeps records of all maintenance, repair, construction, and safety program activities and provides regular summary reports to the Board.
  • Does such other acts consistent with management of the Association as the Board may direct. 

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